Mark Anthony Originals (MAO) creates these handsome celebrity doll repaints from different Tonner®

MAO Celebrity Doll Repaints

16 to 17 inch fully-jointed dolls.  They are extensively re-sculpted, repainted and sometimes have the hair completely replanted with a custom blend of different colors of hair to create these one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  Many include unique props, such as James Bond’s Walther PPK, Indiana Jones’ whip or the Godfather’s rose boutonniere - all sculpted in minute detail by Mark Anthony.

It is amazing to think that all of the male dolls on this page started life as the same Tonner doll - Matt O’Neill™. Mark uses a variety of different methods to give the dolls their custom “plastic surgery”.  Sometimes the hair is re-rooted in a similar fashion to a cosmetic hair transplants.  Other times they may receive surgical facial contouring, like a rhinoplasty (nose job). Other procedures are more like water torture than surgery - involving parts of the body being dipped into boiling water!


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